Safeguard your organisation. Train your employees to keep computers and networks safe.

Greystone Security Awareness will equip your employees with the skills needed to defend against cyber and social engineering attacks. We will assess your current information security awareness training programmes, design new ones and conduct specialised training sessions. Greystone Security Awareness Training Solutions will prioritise on changing employee behaviour to reduce your organisation’s risks.


Our Service Offerings:


Security Awareness Needs Assessment

As gaps in every organisation’s information security awareness programme are inevitable, we will conduct a complete analysis of the current state of your IT security awareness training programmes and offer recommendations to make it more effective. The Greystone Security Awareness Needs Assessment service will equip your cybersecurity leaders with the skills to identify security awareness gaps in your organisation.


Security Awareness Programme Development and Training

Despite the importance of customising cybersecurity and protection of your company’s valuable information assets, it is a challenge to train employees and make them aware of the risks they create for your company in their daily activities especially when there is a lack of a well-defined approach and dedicated resources to Internet and network security training for employees. This is especially so if your existing programmes do not test employees with real world cyber-threats and does not design and deploy a curriculum that targets the greatest risks.


At Greystone, we will design and implement an organisation-specific Information Security Awareness Programme tailored specially for you based on best practices and recommendations from our information security awareness subject matter experts.


Programme Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Security Awareness Programme to change employee behaviour

  • Training and testing to target the areas and employees with greatest risks

  • Create efficiencies through security awareness initiatives

  • Measure improvement in employee vigilance over time

  • Reduce the number of employee clicks on malicious emails

  • Reduce the number of cyber security incidents


Social Engineering, Phishing Testing and Training

Employees are usually the weakest link in any information security and defence-in-depth strategy. It is integral to enhance employee information security awareness against phishing attacks through testing and learning reinforcement. Most Security Awareness Training programmes fail to test employees using real world threats that are able to measure employee susceptibility to phishing attacks and reinforce learning simultaneously.


At Greystone, we provide fully managed testing, analysis and reporting on employee responses to simulated phishing attacks. The service combines phishing testing to reinforce information security awareness and learning to ensure desired changes in employee behaviour.

Methods and Benefits:

  • Phishing and spear phishing testing based on real world threats

  • Test and train employees with immediate feedback through “teachable moments”

  • Measure improvement in employee vigilance over time

  • Independent assessment of employee susceptibility to phishing attacks

  • Using test results to adapt testing to areas and employees of greatest risks

  • Reduce number of employee clicks on malicious emails


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